Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Service/Match Rifle MCB Quantico Schedule

2010  Service/Match Rifle MCB Quantico Schedule
13/14 Feb  QSC  Sat. 800 ag  Sunday 3x600
13/14 March VFEMI Garand Matches
10/11 April QSC Sat. 800ag  Sunday 3x600
15/16 May VFEMI Quantico 800 ag Championships
21/23 May VFEMI Virginia State Championships
12/13 June QSC  Sat. 800ag  Sunday 3x600
10/11 July  VFEMI Quantico 800 ag Championships
16/18 July VFEMI Regional Championships
11/12 Sept VFEMI Garand Matches
9/10 Oct QSC  Sat. 800ag  Sunday 3x600
13/14 Nov QSC  Sat.  800ag  Sunday 3x600
QSC XTC Match Director  JJ O’Shea  jjoshea@msn.com
VFEMI Match Director  Jim Morgan  xmorgan@hotmail.com
This schedule does not include Palma, Full bore, Long Range, benchrest, or F Class.  Please refer to specific websites or contact info for the complete schedule of events
Quantico Shooting Club   www.quanticoshootingclub.com

Schedules subject to change

See you in 2010.

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