Tuesday, May 04, 2010

FRGC Spring League Results

As the results stand right now, I came out right in the middle of the pack overall. This seems to be my regular position. I came third unclassified, 7 points out behind the winner, and 2-x out of second. The first match would have been my low match even if I hadn't cross-fired, so it didn't make any difference in the league results.

I'm pretty sure my score keeper made a mistake adding my results for match 3, recording a 440 instead of a 450. If that's correct, I will finish 1st unclassified with a total of 1357-17x. If I had been classified, I would have placed 5th/15 in Marksman, 2nd/4 Sharpshooter, or 9th/12 Expert.

Here's the funny part. I shot (just barely) Expert. That's assuming the 450 is correct, and OK, 9 of those shots were on the wrong target. If I really did shoot a 440, AND/OR you don't count my crossfires, I'm a Sharpshooter. The NRA is not going to count my crossfires (and why would they?), so I guess I'm a Sharpshooter.

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