Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I shot very well at Sunday's FRGC spring league match, and got some good advice. I ended up with a total of 458 in the 500 aggregate, which is an 'expert' score. That's a personal best, so we'll see if I can keep it up there for the next couple of matches.

The biggest improvement in terms of points came in Standing. I shot a 176-1x, which is 7 points higher than my previous personal best. I think I owe some of that to the team fire format (44 minutes for 2 shooters, alternating fire) that gives a good minute of rest between shots. I did find that I was standing with my feet too far apart, which was making me unstable, and giving me cramps in my hips.

For rapid sitting, I had a lot of time to find a good position, so I found my NPA, and a fairly settled, although not completely solid position. I was shocked to find I shot a personal best 98-4x.  I'm going to try and loosen the sling some more, and move my hand toward the receiver to see if I can get a solid position. This is based on advice I got from a high-master about shooting prone.

I'm pretty tall, so the length of pull on a A2 is too short for me. In a really comfortable position, with my had at the front swivel, my eyeball is in inch in front of the rear sight. So, I asked someone if there was a way for me to increase the LOP in Service Rifle. His first piece of advice was to move the buttstock closer to my face, and higher on my chest.This should give me a more upright head position, and move my face back from the front sight. I tried it on Rapid Prone, but had a hard time getting it settled in there, and came away with a good score of 91-1x. 

After watching me shoot rapid prone, he basically told me to bring my left hand toward the receiver and loosen up the sling. I had been trying to keep my left had at the swivel, and make it tight enough to press firmly into my shoulder, al a David Tubb. It just doesn't work for me. I'm also going to have to go back to using to adhesive to keep my hand in place.
He also told me I should keep my wrist straight, bend my right leg, and shift my hips to adjust my NPA for each shot, but keep my left elbow planted.  I loosened the sling one hole from #0 to #1. After the stage was over, he had me loosen it more, and it ended up on the last hole (#4?) before I got a good position that didn't move in dry-fire.

So, Slow Prone I think I shot a personal best 93, and the last 4-5 shots were all Xs and 10s, but I didn't get a chance to completely record my results. I need my own score keeper :-)

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McGinnes said...


Here are the classifications based on a percentage of the possible total score from the last three matches.

Marksman......Less than 84%

Sharpshooter..84% to 88.9%

Expert........89% to 93.9%

Master........94% to 96.9%

High Master...97%