Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camp Perry Wind

This time, it's just the image, but I added lines for 200 and 300.

and I can make a Google "Rose of Wind" using "Countif"


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's Camp Perry Wind

This should update every day. Yes, I'm a big nerd. I found out you could get weather XML data out of Wunderground, and into a Excel or a Google spreadsheet. Google spreadsheets will let you share easily, but I can't make it do a 'wind rose.' You kind of need a pivot table/chart to do that. Easy in Excel, but not Google docs.
For your entertainment, the spreadsheet is below.

The chart is the right windage in MOA one should have to put on one's sights shooting 69gr. SMKs at Perry. The weather xml gives wind direction in degrees. Just take the TAN wind direction in radians, and it gives you the wind percentage. Multiply by windspeed, and you get the effective cross-wind speed. From there, it's proportional.

Unfortunately, this version of Wondergrounds API no longer works.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring League 2011

Since I didn't add anything after the first match, I'll hijack this to be the Spring League 2011 results post.

Never give up, even if you think you're ahead. I was sure I had first place Sharp Shooter in the bag. I was                    8 points ahead of the guy in second. What I didn't figure was that he only had to shoot a 452 in match 4 to drop his low of 443, and pass me by one point. Which is what he did. Meanwhile, I had rifle problem* in match 4, and decided I could just call it a day, which would drop Match 4 as my low score.
In fairness to myself, I didn't realize I could have continued, and even if I had, I don't think I would have had time to shoot a full standing string.

*My buffer tube had backed out enough for the buffer retainer pin to come out and block up my action. It turns out you can shoot an AR without a buffer retainer pin, but you do have to get it out of your action.

Shooter             Total     M1      M2      M3      M4     Low     

Blatter Joseph C    1352.007 450.005 443.006 450.000 452.002 443.006
McGinnes Michael B  1351.018 450.004 448.006 453.008   0.000   0.000

First Match Notes:
up4, left 29. Need to be up 5 or 6, left 29.

Rapid prone:
up 11, left 23. at sighters. S1 was 8 at 3 o'clock. S2 9 @ 5:30. Adjusted sight to left 25. Was told 1st low at 6, second in the black (9-10 at 10). held a little high and kept getting "Good." Group was high right.