Friday, August 27, 2004

Still going

Ok, it's been a few days since i checked in, but I'm still with the plan. It occurs to me that I need a measurable way to track actual progress. I recorded some data from a practice session a few weeks ago, things like draw time, reload time. Anyway, if I can find that data, I'll post it here for comparison.

Sunday's practice was not what I was planning, but it was a hell of a good day. I had been planning on setting up a couple of classifiers, and having Dave and I shoot them. He ended up bringing a couple of friends who were relatively new to pistol shooting and not into the IPSC, so that plan got scratched. That means I still need to do some match-type shooting. On the up side, we had a blast. Cool people, fun shooting and a good diner after. Now I have to get some work done on my thesis.

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