Thursday, August 19, 2004

The plan, week one

The plan is based on Matt Burkett's 10 week shooting plan. I will post a link ASAP. Anyway, here is the plan for week one from Matt:

Week one – write down goals for the 10 week project and for your seasons shooting
a) Walk briskly 10 minutes a day
Dry fire 10 minutes a day – basic dry fire plan
Hold gun up as long as possible weak hand and strong hand twice a day pressing the trigger to the rear without disturbing the sights.
Visualize 5 minutes a day of a perfect sight picture
Live fire practice timing drills and transitions
Compete in local competitions focusing on safety and smoothness

My goal is to make B-Class in Production division. I've got to get my "Percentage" above 60%. I think my shooting is about where it should be for B-class (that doesn't mean I'm not going to try and improve it), but I am slow on draws, reloading, and movement. I also need improvement on strong and weak hand shooting. Right now, my draws and reloads are at around two seconds for a ten yard target. If I can knockoff half a second from each of those, that would make a huge difference. I also want to get better at movement: Getting into and out of shooting positions, starting to move as soon as the last shot from a position is gone, and being ready to shoot as soon as I get to the next position.

So, how am I doing with the plan?

a) Done (actually, closer to 20 min).
b) Done. I did some dry draw and dry reloading too. You can never do enough dry-firing though.
c) Did one set. I will do the other tonight. Oy! that's a strain.
d) This is one for a more relaxed time of day to, so tonight.
e) I did a loose interpretation of "transitions" and shot plates from behind a barricade. Mostly one-shot, switch sides, repeat. Also did two shots, and reloading while switching sides. I definitely noticed some things. Like, I don't have to pull the pistol in nearly as far as I thought I did.
f)There are no local competitions this week, so maybe I'll set up a classifier or two at my range.

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