Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aug. Fun Match; Personal Bests

At this months Fairfax Rod and Gun club "Fun Match," I shot a personal best 761-17x for the match, my first Master level score. Extracting stages of a National Match Course, this would be a 471, also a personal best. I also had personal bests in standing, sitting, and rapid prone.

I shot the first relay on target points 14 and 15, paired with Greg Spitzer. These TPs have the targets in the shade through sitting, with dappled light in prone when the sun was out. It was partly cloudy. I was shooting using my new short hood and .46 aperture, Creedmoor 50 coat, and a web sling. First shot was at 0900, and we shot until we finished all stages.


I fired a personal best tying 95-2x in the first string, and a personal best 186-3x for the stage. The ground is flatter and more even than Quantico or Perry (no grass), but I still ended up with my feet closer together than normal to find a good spot. Rear foot was still tilted back a little.

Success Analysis

The first string seemed easy. I had a good NPA. I consistently placed the buttstock in the same place, with the toe just inside the humeral head, near the top. I brought the rifle down and set-up, feeling my position, before looking trough the sights (thank you, Olympics). I also shot with a relaxed diaphragm (thank you, Jeter). The larger aperture allowed more light, which seemed to make it easier to focus on the front sight.

Solutions Analysis

I'm looking for a solution to fatigue and loss of focus during the last 5 shots of a 20 shot offhand string. I think the problem was aggravated by trying to record my own score, and keep score for my partner.


I fired a personal best 5x clean on the first string, and finished the stage with 200-9x, my first double clean sitting.

Success Analysis

Felt easy. I kept a front site focus, I took a breath on each shot, and exhaled relaxing the diaphragm each shot. I called a couple of shots high and low, but all were in the 10 ring.

Solutions Analysis

I'm looking for a solution to my magazine hitting my sling. I think I need to get my sling higher on my arm, and more outboard.

Rapid Prone

I fired a personal best 196-2x for the stage.

Slow Prone

We were pair firing and scoring, which meant I had to break position to record Greg's scores between shots.

Success Analysis

I kept Greg's scores in my head if it was an X or 10. I wrote it down and forgot about it if it was anything else. I shot a reasonable score on the first string. I finished the stage with three 10s, and three Xs.

Solutions Analysis

I am looking for a solution to getting myself into a stable prone position, with a good NPA; and keeping or getting myself back into a the same position through the stage. A stable prone position allows me to relax my left arm and hand, and right shoulder. It also allows me to get on target without muscling the gun.

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