Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring League 1 and 2, 2012

Spring league 2012 at Fairfax Rod and Gun has started, and I'm off to a fantastic start. In the first match, I shot my first clean Sitting (or clean anything else for that matter), along with a 182 (92,90) standing to finish with a personal best 469-9x. That's one point shy of a Master class score, and in the neighborhood to earn some leg points toward going distinguished. Second match was 3/25, and I shot a personal best 94-1x standing on the first string, and a 91 on the second string for 185-1x standing. On the first string I started off with something like five 10s in a row. I tried to stay focused on one shot at a time, but my head got the better of me, and I dropped two 8s and two 9s in the next five shots. I had a lot of pulse sitting, and ended with a 98-3x sitting, and a 98-1 rapid prone. I need to focus on position consistency in slow prone, and see if I can tighten my groups vertically. I was shooting with 19 clicks of elevation, and I think 21 clicks would have better centered my group and gotten another point.

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